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Υποβολη Αρθρων

Τόμος 1 | Τεύχος 1 | 2013


In the present study we made an effort for an overall composition of the data concerning the materialization and evaluation of an on-line environment of distance training of teachers on gender issues. It is surveyed whether an on-line environment on gender issues can contribute decisively on blunting gender inequalities generated through the educational system. We study and compare the attitudes and notions of one hundred and eighty three secondary school teachers who participated in the survey, in three different periods of time; before the training, during it and after the end of the process. From the data analysis we conclude that there are statistically important differences in the attitudes and notions of teachers before and after the training. So it becomes clear that teacher training on gender issues with the help of an on-line environment is capable of blunting the gender-defined attitudes and notions of teachers. The survey contributed to the broadening of the existent theory on the specific issue and at the same time it pointed out some other issues which should be examined in future surveys.


Πλήρες Κείμενο: pdfThe on-line distance training of teachers on gender issues as a factor of blunting gender-defined attitudes and inequalities of the educational system. 299.66 KB