Αρχειο Τευχων

Υποβολη Αρθρων

Τόμος 6 | Τεύχος 2 | 2018


Education is going through a period of unprecedented demographic, socio-ecomonic change. The mass influx of migrants and refugees has determined and shaped the contemporary Greek reality, which is made up of groups with particular national, religious and cultural characteristics. The Greek educational system is called to find effective ways to include and educate refugee children, implying the need to create a multicultural way of teaching in classrooms. The question of social justice has been discussed widely in the international literature, in regard with how this can be ensured in schools by the educational administration. Social justice leadership can be used to support a more general movement towards a fairer, less oppressive society, with the school principal who looks: a) for ways to smoothly integrate students who belong to minority groups and b) for ways to overthrow inequalities. After the outbreak of war violence in Syria, there has been a rapid increase of the refugee flowing in Greece, resulting in major socio-economic and cultural changes for the country. As school organisms are permeable to this change, they are now called to effectively manage the issue of integrating refugees into the Greek education smoothly. This essay will show that social justice leadership can provide strong bases towards this direction.

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