Αρχειο Τευχων

Υποβολη Αρθρων

Τόμος 6 | Τεύχος 2 | 2018


In the present study the bibliographicestablished presumption that in an adult learning environment the interaction between participants, with activities that promote reflection and critical thinking, contributes decisively to the change of established perceptions and dysfunctional assumptions.On the basis of this vision, data from the planning, implementation and evaluation of an online learning environment are presented, in terms of its contribution to changing teachers' attitudes towards environmental issues. The data were processed by qualitative analysis of the messages developed in the course modules, by analyzing the interactions developed through the theory of graphs, as well as quantitative data derived from the answers of the participants in special questionnaires. Research evidence suggests that fostering interaction between participants in an online learning environment through reflective and critical thinking contributes positively to meeting the goals set. At the same time, it can lead to questioning the validity of established perceptions and mistaken assumptions about the environment, on which we often understand and interpret reality

Πλήρες Κείμενο: pdfCritical Thinking and Interaction in online education as a factor of raising awareness, changing attitudes and transforming citizens' inaccurate assumptions about the environment508 KB