Αρχειο Τευχων

Υποβολη Αρθρων

Τόμος 6 | Τεύχος 2 | 2018


In this research a comparative study was implemented with 82 General Senior High School learners to detect the extent to which the RAI approach can improve their listening and speaking skills in English and the extent to which it can enhance their interest and participation in the lesson. Two schools and four classes randomly selected participated in the research with a control and an experimental group each. Pre and post-tests were administered to the students and a focus group discussion took place in the end of the intervention. The findings revealed that the approach has positive effect on learners’ speaking skills and the ability to enhance their active participation and motivation towards English language learning. The study has implications for practitioners and policy makers.

Πλήρες Κείμενο: pdfA RAI teaching and learning approach to English language skills acquisition621KB