Editorial Committee

Founder and Editor of the Journal:
- Kioulanis Spyridon (PhD, Post-Doc, Μ.Β.Α, Med, M.Sc), President of educ@tional circle, Scientific Counselor, Institute of Educational Policy

Communications Officer, Editing and Coordination of Publications:
- Paschalidou Annoula (PhD.St, M.Sc), Vice President of educ@tional circle, Chief of Educational Affairs of the Directorate of Administration of Secondary Education of Drama

Special Counselors, of Publications:
- Panagiotidou Anastasia (PhD, Post-Doc.R, Med), Member of the Board of Management of educ@tional circle, Coordinator of education 
- Zisi Antigoni (M.Sc,), Member of educ@tional circle, Coordinator of education 
- Karaoglou Georgios (PhD, M.Sc), Coordinator of education 

Electronic Publishing and Website editing:
- Georgiadou Anastasia, (M.Sc),  High School Teacher PE19 (Directorate of Secondary Education of Drama), Member of  educ@tional circle

Artistic Support
- Giamalis Nikolaos, Headmaster, High School Teacher, Member of  educ@tional circle

Philological Support
- Koltsis Stavros, (M.Sc),High School Teacher PE02 
- Myrisidou Ariadni, High School Teacher PE06
- Patronidou Dimitra, (PhD), High School Teacher PE02
- Petra Vasiliki, (M.Sc),  High School Teacher PE02
- Tsani Paraskevi, (M.Ed), Primary School Teacher

Organizational and Technological Support
- Logothetis Pantelis, High School Teacher PE19, Member of the educ@tional circle
-Athanasiadou Evanthia, (M.Sc), Member of  educ@tional circle,
- Ovaliadis Kiriakos, (PhD, M.Sc) Scientific Associate of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology
- Skapetis Georgios, (M.Sc), High School Teacher PE19
-Dοfoudis Dimitrios, (M.Sc), Director Informatics Department of the Prefecture of Drama
- Zotidou Maria, (M.Sc), Member of  educ@tional circle, PE01 Informatics,
- Kioulanis Nikolaos, (M.Sc.), Member of educ@tional circle
- Tselepidou Maria, (M.Sc),  Headmaster, High School Teacher PE19Athanasiadou Evanthia, (M.Sc), Member of "Εκπ@ιδευτικός Κύκλος", High School Teacher PE11
- Koltsis Christos, (M.Sc), Headmaster, High School Teacher PE19
- Tsirogiannis Ioannis, Member of "Εκπ@ιδευτικός Κύκλος", High School Teacher PE14.04
- Tsiberidis Ioannis, (PhD., M.Sc),High School Teacher PE19