Volume 9 | Issue 3 | 2021


The principal purpose of the following presentation is to patently designate the connection of the myth and the art via the design, the provision and the planning of educational activities based on paintings, which address children in the preadolescent age, whether or not they have vision deficiencies, in the context of coeducation. The images of mythology become invigorated through the masterpieces of grandee artists, offering stimulus for an abundance of educational activities. Access in the art sphere is a public good and allowing no exceptions all persons with special needs should have the right to participate in it. Thereby, this presentation is in an effort to give prominence to the need of redefining the relation that persons with vision deficiencies bear towards the art of painting, music and group play through the demonstration of the painting, entitled “Orpheus and Eurydice” by Konstantinos Parthenis. Last but not least, parallel to the above the importance of education is emphasized due to its significant role concerning the school and the social life of all children

Full text: pdfExploring Greek mythology, through the art of painting, music and group play. A proposal of an education program within context of co-education children with vision deficiencies alongside with the students of the common school, whose eyesight functions regularly. 918 KB