Volume 9 | Issue 3 | 2021


The aim of this study was to examine burnout in its three dimensions, namely emotional exhaustion, personal fulfillment, and self-efficacy of Secondary Education teachers. The sample included three teachers of the Secondary Education of the Schools of N. Xanthi and Kavala, who anonymously by semi-structured interview, qualitative research, which referred to the collection of information on the levels of burnout syndrome, sources of occupational stress and their self-efficacy, such as they perceive it themselves. The research data that have been extracted concern: 1) the calculation of the levels of burnout, professional stress and self-efficacy of teachers 2) the significant correlation of the factors of self-efficacy with the dimensions of burnout, and 3) the connection of the dimensions of burnout and of professional stress with the age and gender of teachers, as well as with the type of school (EPAL, GEL, GYMNASIUM) and its capacity.

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