Volume 9 | Issue 3 | 2021


Lifelong learning of teachers is critical to the quality of education they offer as it directly affects their educational and scientific background. In the present study, an attempt was made to explore some aspects of the lifelong learning of secondary teachers in the region of Ilia. Specifically, the degree of their participation in non-formal education programs in the field of vocational training and general education was investigated. The reasons and barriers that affect teachers' participation in these programs were also explored. The main theoretical background was typologies for reasons and barrier, as well as findings of previous relevant research. For the needs of the research, quantitative data were collected through a questionnaire with mostly closed-ended questions. The questionnaire was based (in terms of content and structure) on the PRB (Participation Reasons Barriers Questionnaire), after adapting to the needs and conditions of the present study. The findings of the research show that the teachers of the sample attend lifelong learning programs about twice as much in relation to the general population, which are mainly carried out by public bodies, which is in line with the findings of previous relevant surveys.

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