Volume 9 | Issue 3 | 2021


In this survey, we examine Primary teachers’ views on the contribution of digital storytelling tools in creating cross-curricular projects. The sample of this quantitive research consisted of 124 Primary teachers who taught various school subjects and took part in it by answering a questionnaire. The results found were analyzed using statistic analysis software. After the analysis conducted, the conclusions drawn showed that the participating teachers acknowledged a positive effect of the project method, especially of a digital storytelling project, on students’ knowledge and skills, mostly when experiential collaborative educational techniques were applied in class. Additionally, research showed that teachers need further education on these techniques as well as on digital storytelling tools, since they also connect it to their teaching and professional development. Furthermore, despite previous research, teachers prefer their training to be part of a University course or seminar, rather than a program implemented by the school Counselor triggering, that way, a future research.

Full text: pdfViews of teachers in Primary Education, concerning the contribution of Digital Storytelling tools in developing cross-curricular projects 918 KB