Volume 9 | Issue 3 | 2021


The aim of the present paper is to investigate the views and the inservice training needs of the Technical Vocational public school teachers as far as the issue of teaching. More specifically, this paper tries to investigate teachers’ views on the main characteristics of Teaching Professional Development Courses, basic elements of teaching as well as the urgent need of the teachers’ relevant inservice training. The methodological approach used was the quantative one, working producing date with questionnaires. The sample was random and consisted of 73 public secondary technical vocational school teachers. The results of the research indicated that the teachers consider inservice training important in both on pedagogical and technical issues. Moving on to Teaching Development Courses a weakness occurs on the part of teachers in its definition and an indifference in its design and construction. In addition, it seemed that the teachers pay special attention to the goal setting but also to the achievement of the teaching objectives of their lesson. Finally, they consider training important in pedagogical issues with a particular preference for specific pedagogical issues but also for general psychology issues.

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