Volume 9 | Issue 3 | 2021


The purpose of the research is to detect the existence of a democratic deficit in the Greek educational system and the identification of the aspects of school life where it is felt and acts at the expense of social justice. A synchronic study was conducted in Secondary Education Teachers of the Prefecture of Argolida, to investigate their views on the democratic deficit in education. One hundred and eighty-two (182) teachers responded to the investigation, through a non-analogue stratified sampling process. They were asked to respond to 35 questions, a questionnaire constructed for the needs of this investigation. Statistical data processing was done through descriptive statistics, with the help of IBM SPSS STATISTICS V.23. The results of the survey have highlighted significant shortcomings and weaknesses of our education system, focusing on schooling autonomy, flexibility of analytical programs, participation in decision-makers, training and professional development, diversity management. Research findings can be exploited mainly as reflection tools and to be a feedback channel and dialogue between educational workers, executives and educational policy makers.

Full text: pdfThe Democratic Deficit in the Greek Educational System and Social Justice in the School Organization. Views of Teachers Secondary Education of the Prefecture of Argolida 918 KB