Volume 9 | Issue 3 | 2021


Vocational Education and Training for many years was not the first choice in education systems. In recent years, apprenticeship programs have been designed and implemented with a combination of theoretical and practical training based on modern developments such as demographic and socio-economic changes, which reinforce the big problem of young people for the countries that are unemployment. The aim of this work through a systematic bibliographic review of domestic and international literature is to capture the characteristics that characterize the apprenticeship systems with their many dynamics and existing weaknesses. The benefits apply to both apprentices, teachers, employers, and schools in particular, but also to the local or national community and economy at large. In this light, Vocational Education and Training through apprenticeship programs becomes a conscious choice, it is upgraded in quality, while being a lever of development for the countries that promote it through their educational systems.

Full text: pdfApprenticeship as a means of quality enhancement of Vocational Education and Training: A review of the literature. 918 KB