Volume 9 | Issue 2 | 2021


The recently growing body of research findings highlights the efficacy of drama methods and techniques incorporation in foreign language learning. The present study examines the developing synergy between a drama method and the current curriculum for English as a Foreign Language(EFL) learning in Greek primary education. The article reports on the emergent findings from a qualitative action research implemented to the EFL learners of a 5th grade primary state school in Greece, through the drama method of Mantle of the Expert(MoE). Research data demonstrate improvement of the learning process as derived from students’ active engagement, along with development of teacher-student effective collaboration in the co-construction of new knowledge. The article argues for the social role of MoEas a means of transforming EFL learning into anon competitive experiential processs which, in turn, results in the teacher-student role enrichment. It is our estimation that EFL teachers could benefit from the present study findings as the latter constitute flexible suggestions for upgrading their teaching practice.

Full text: pdfDrama methods in reforming the teacher-student role in foreign language learning: an action research through Mantle of the Expert 376 KB