Volume 9 | Issue 2 | 2021


Apart from its other dimensions, literature also has a national dimension, contributing to the construction of national identity. In this article we try to trace the way the national identity is constructed by analyzing an award-winning historical novel: "The Prophecy of Red Wine" by Loti Petrovic-Androutsopoulou based on predefined categories of analysis. We use a combination of tools, content analysis, narrative theory and the iconology approach. In the novel, the identity is constructed mainly with narratives and autobiographical discourse that concerns the struggles of the nation for liberation and independence, but also the dangers and difficulties it faced. The national identity is highlighted and praised and the national subject is determined in relation to the national "other", which in this case are mainly the Bulgarians and the Turks. In general, the novel promotes the idea of peaceful coexistence of all peoples, especially the Balkans.

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