Volume 9 | Issue 2 | 2021


This research examines the effectiveness of a distance learning practice for a laboratory course utilizing educational techniques of adult education in combination with a web simulation application. The research was conducted in the Electrical laboratories of the Merchant Marine Academy of Chios island where the participation of students was from distance. Through this research, an attempt is made to improve the quality and effectiveness of a distance laboratory course, hoping that it will replace to some extent the face to facecourse. First, the theoretical framework of the topic is presented which includes the necessity of the research and the characteristics of the educational technique. Also, the methodology of the research, the presentation of the results and the conclusions are described below. Finally, the findings showed that the teaching was effective in terms of acquiring knowledge, but the lack of practical training in real equipment, greatly influenced the acquisition of practical experience.

Full text: pdfDistance laboratory course using the training experience educational technique. Case study: The electrical laboratories of the Merchant Marine Academy (AEN) of Chios. 592 KB