Volume 9 | Issue 2 | 2021


The training of Music teachers is an integral part of their education and at the same time a condition for the implementation of innovations in education. The specific research conducted with the help of a questionnaire and related to Music teachers employed in Primary and Secondary schools throughout Greece, tries to help fill a gap that has been identified in recording the training needs of Music teachers in Greece in the context of their professional development. Its results could be used by those in charge of designing the education policy of Music teachers, trying to meet their basic needs as much as possible, providing them with an autonomous environment and motivating them to attend as many training programs as possible. As we have found, Music teachers want to have the right to choose, in order to shape their education and training, according to their personal needs, while at the same time they have chosen Flexible training programs in terms of form, subject matter and time duration, which should be taken into account when designing training programs.

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