Volume 9 | Issue 2 | 2021


In the present paper we tried to describe the educational needs of the adult refugees’ educators in the area of Leros. In addition, we attempted to highlight the obstacles they face. To collect our data, we used the qualitative approach and conducted interviews throughout the avalanche sampling, so that the participants could express their ideas and perceptions. Our sample is consisted of adult refugees’ educators working in NGO ECHO100PLUS, which is activated in Leros. The analysis of the data revealed the educators’ inexperience and lack of training, as well as the inadequate organization and support on state’s behalf. However, the bright side is the full support from ECHO100PLUS and the positive attitude of the local community and the trainees towards the educator’s work.

Full text: pdfEducational needs and barriers of adult refugees’ educators. Case study in Leros 685 KB