Volume 9 | Issue 1 | 2021


This article aims to investigate the way of teaching apprenticeship in EPA.L. through the didactic methodology of adult education. The semi-structured interview was used as a research tool on an available sample of fifteen (15) teachers who teach in the post-secondary year-apprenticeship class, while the thematic analysis was chosen as the method of data analysis. Based on the results we are able to argue that the apprenticeship programs facilitate young adults to make a smoother transition from school to work. Throughout the development of the various forms of apprenticeship, there is a belief that young people were led to adulthood, while throughout the implementation process, they follow - often not pre-planned - adult education techniques. The results also reinforce the view that the apprenticeship teacher should treat the apprentices as adults and apply participatory teaching techniques in the classroom.

Full text: pdfThe utilization of the didactic methodology of adult education by the teachers of the post-secondary year-apprenticeship class. Case study 568 KB