Volume 9 | Issue 1 | 2021


The purpose of the current research is to examine the views of music teachers that work in primary education, concerning the problems theyface in their work.In this context, a quality research was designed and conducted in a sample of fifteen (15) music teachers in the Achaia district. The research data was derived from semi-constructed interviews and the results were analyzed with the method of thematic analysis. The sample music teachers mentioned that the lack of a music classroom complicates their teaching, in the same way as inefficient digital equipment of the school units and the non distribution of the music books to the students by the Ministry of Education. Furthermore they reckon that, if they were given more teaching time, they would correspond better with the variety of educational duties and they would create more essential relationships both with students and colleagues.

Full text: pdfProblems faced by Primary School Music Teachers during the implementation of their work. Case study in the Prefecture of Achaia 696 KB