Volume 9 | Issue 1 | 2021


The phenomenon of procrastination is a common occurrence in adult life and beyond it. Procrastination in academic field, and more specifically during elaboration of studying and towards achievement of the academic obligations of the trainees, often has very serious effects on their entire learning path. This article explores this phenomenon by focusing on the education field. Through bibliographicresearchan attempt has been made to identify at first the causes whichcreate procrastination in learners' behavior. Then the serious consequences that come as a result of this phenomenon and affect in many ways life and the achievement of trainees’ expected learning outcomes,are recorded. Finally, ways with which procrastination can be tackled and combated as much as possible, allowing trainees to cast off strong negative emotions that act as a brake on their academic progress and productivity, are suggested. This research shows that although the problem of procrastination is very serious and its effects are catalytic, there are ways which their consistent application can provide solutions and support learners throughout their learning endeavor.

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