Volume 9 | Issue 1 | 2021


The use of ICT in school in addition to learning is equally important in administration. In order to properly use the New Technologies in the administration, it is necessary for the principals to be trained. The present paper presents the views of the principals of Technical Vocational Education schools on their training and whether they are satisfied with it. 41 principals of Technical Schools from the prefectures of Attica and Thessaloniki participated in the research. The structured questionnaire included closed (Likert scale) and open-ended questions and related to their existing training, their satisfaction with it as well as the way and periodicity of their training. The analysis of the results showed that 87.8% of the sample consider training necessary, 51.4% state that the training has helped in the use of ICT, 41.5% prefer to be trained every 12 months while 56.1% are in favor of a certified public institution to conduct them. In conclusion, managers consider training to be helpful, emphasizing that it could be better and more regular as they believe that skills in the use of ICT are constantly changing. Finally, the majority of principals emphasize the important role that the Ministry of Education should play in their continuous training in ICT.

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