Volume 9 | Issue 1 | 2021
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    Spyros Kioulanis 6

Views of the principals of Technical Schools (EPAL and E.K) on their training in ICT

    Apostolos Kaltsas

Education and inequality in Greece during Covid- 19. What school should do next?

    Irini Papanastasatou

Platonic and Aristotelian points of convergence in Freire’s work

    Konstantinos Mantzanaris

High school students’ perceptions of teaching, social and cognitive presences during emergency remote teaching

    Vasileios Vourloumis
  Critical teaching observation for formative assessment purposes
    Georgios Alexandratos, Konstantinos Papachristos, Ioanna Manafi, Varvara Alexandratou

The School of Circles through the eyes of an educator in a mainstream school context

    Georgia Gyftoula

Argumentation as pedagogical and teaching practice: implementation and results of a teaching intervention in primary school

    Dimitra Kafka

Content Filtering Technologies and the Case of Greek School Network

    Grigorios S. Chrysomalidis, Anastasia S. Chrysomalidou, Ioannis A. Spiliotis

The ethics of care in special education

    Chara Tampakaki 102-118

10th Grade Senior High School Boys’ and Girls’ Self-Efficacy and Interest in Physics: Analysis of Gender Differences

    Yiannis Gavalas

The behavior of students as a factor of stress in primary education teachers

    Evaggelia Karagiannis

Development of an informal spelling assessment tool and pilot administration of a 2nd grade elementary school student with spelling difficulties (Case Study)

    Georgia Pargou 161-173

The abusive behavior of secondary school students in school and its prevention and modification techniques by teachers.

    Maria Tselepidou 174-199

The roles of teacher-mentors and student-mentors in creating inclusive school culture

    Constantia Charalampous, Christos Papademetriou 200-220

Procrastination in the educational landscape: Ways to deal with it

    Kiriaki ( Korina) Sfakiotaki

Abortion: The special role of the school in adolescent views edification

    Aikaterini Athanasoula, Mariana Boltsi

Headteachers' Biographies - Perception and Signification of the Headteacher's Role in Greek School

    Argyro Georgaki, Manolis Koutouzis

Mentoring in Adult Education. Benefits for educators-mentees, educators-mentors and educational organizations

    Marios Koutsoukos, Iosif Fragoulis, Euthimios Valkanos, Konstantina Kiriatzakou

Detection of educational needs and prospects for the establishment of a third age university in the region of crete

    George M. Panagiotakis

Curricula in a school that operates as an intercultural learning community: The role of the teacher

    Konstantinos Papachristos, Georgios Alexandratos, Ioanna Manafi, Varvara Alexandratou

Problems faced by Primary School Music Teachers during the implementation of their work. Case study in the Prefecture of Achaia

    Eleftheria Kogou, Evaggelos Anagnou

Transformational leadership and job satisfaction at tutorial education

    Loustou Paraskevi, Alexandropoulos Georgios

Teaching Sociology using Drama Technique

    Evaggelia Panagiotou, Andriana Papakonstantopoulou

Parental Involvement and Distance Learning in the Covid19 era

    Maria Kamperi

The utilization of the didactic methodology of adult education by the teachers of the post-secondary year-apprenticeship class. Case study

    Ioannis Farmakis, Evaggelos Anagnou
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