Volume 8 | Issue 2 | 2020


This paper focuses, presents and explains the shape, role and function of the garden garden and through scientific targeting, analysis and exploration attempts to highlight its importance as an innovative educational tool to raise pupils and students' awareness of the protection of the natural environment. The work is carried out on thematic units such as innovation in education and the course of good educational practices on environmental issues, the transition of school gardens, from rural areas to urban spaces. The school garden, as an innovative educational tool in education in various states and across Greece. The researcher's perceptual profile, research methodology and data analysis method are presented. Finally, the research results are presented.This qualitative work concludes with conclusions and discussion on the pedagogical and educational importance of the school garden as an innovative tool for sensitizing pupils and students to environmental issues at a time of constant change and evolving.In the last part there are suggestions for the use of school gardens in schools and in school environments. School gardens are ideal places for students to ask and answer on multifactoral issues of many sciences (Graves, Hughes, and Balgopal, 2016).

Full text: pdf΄΄School garden in urban environment΄΄. Innovational ΄΄Educational tool΄΄ for the awareness of students and learners in matters of environmental protection. ΄΄The case of the city of Trikala΄΄. 648 KB