Volume 8 | Issue 2 | 2020


Aim of this empirical research is to explore the views ofthe Secondary Education teachers in the Prefecture of Pella regarding the factors that contribute to their motivation as well as to illustrate the role and contribution of the Director in this. The research method chosen was the quantitative with research tool the questionnaire. The findings of the survey have shown that teachers have a high level of individual motivation and consider highly motivating factors the cooperative climate with their colleagues and interpersonal relationships in general, fair behavior by the Director, linking performance to rewards, the clear definition of their duties, good working conditions and the updating of their knowledge in their teaching subject. This research comes to conclusions about the practices and the factors that motivate teachers and can be used to motivate them positively. Τhe findings can be useful,bothfor directors of school units and those who have the responsibility for programming and decision making of government educating policies and is expectedto stimulate into further investigation of this topic.

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