Volume 8 | Issue 2 | 2020


The teaching scenario is addressed to philologists and teachers who teach Modern Greek Literature in high school. It tries to bring students in contact with Literature through a process of exploratory and constructive learning. Its main purpose is to make students aware of Cavafy's poetic work and its global dimensions.
More generally, the scenario sets out nine cognitive, nine educational, and six technological-digital goals which were generally achieved as it was shown from the student’s participation and the completion of a self-assessment questionnaire at the end of the from process. In terms of methodology and teaching approach, teamworking, exploratory / discovery and constructive methods were followed, as well as the Six-Thinking Hats method.
The teaching scenario was implemented in the computer lab of the Karditsa Music School with the participation of a twenty – student group from the First Class of High School.
It is also an alternative proposal for teaching literature based on combining study with self action and personal creation of participating students. Thus the contribution of this teaching proposal is important because it activates students and enables them to approach a text of literature with a multifaceted way.

Full text: pdfK.P. Kavafis "Waiting for the Barbarians": a digital teaching scenario of Modern Greek Literature for high school students 427 KB