Volume 8 | Issue 2 | 2020


It is a true fact that technology nowadays affects several sections in peoples’ lives. Especially in education there are plenty of technology tools that can be utilized to improve the learning process, since they enhance students’ ability to gain and comprehend the new knowledge. In this paper, we will try to explain how a specific type of those tools, named Dynamic Geometry Software, may bring a positive outcome on students’ comprehension when used in class. More specifically, we will present a didactic proposal on how to teach a chapter in Euclidean Geometry by using a Dynamic Geometry Software called GeoGebra. Through the presentation of some pre-made dynamic geometric shapes, as well as directions for their proper use, teachers will be able to conduct a more pleasant lesson. Finally, an effort has been made in expressing the importance of Geometry, as a science, due to the fact that it has been marginalized the recent years.

Full text: pdfGeoGebra Software: A didactic proposal for teaching “the relative position of two circles” for the lesson of Euclidean Geometry in the 1st grade of Senior High School 649 KB