Volume 8 | Issue 2 | 2020


Education for democracy remains always a topical issue. School tends to develop political skills in students, so they can be incorporated in a free state. The educational institution of the students’ councils acts to achieve the above purpose. Through this present research were investigated students’ views, as members of school society, that are main characters of the function of the institution, for the role of the school leadership. The role of both the teacher and the director was studied due to school leadership that they can exercise on the operation of the 15member student council. The research method chosen was the quantity research, using the questionnaire as research tool. The research findings showed that teachers can support the operation of the student council, mainly through promotion of members’ expression of the 15member council opinion at the school meetings and the principal through providing room for the student meetings and accomplishment of regular meetings with the council. Finally according to the findings a much bigger percentage of attendance to the 15member student council was found in boys than in girls.

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