Volume 8 | Issue 2 | 2020


Managing students’ behavior problems within the classroom is a vital issue of research in Pedagogical Science. The present study explores the views of teachers of Secondary Education in the Prerecture of Heraklion regarding the effective management of students’ behavioral problems in the classroom. During the research process, the quantitive approach was chosen and an electronic questionnaire was used, which was answered by 134 teachers who work at Gymnasiums and Lyceums of general secondary education that provided a random sample. The results, regarding the frequency of occurrence of various external and internal forms of problems, indicate that there is a high concentration of responses in the average values. Family factors and the wider social environment of the students are considered to be essential elements for the emergence of problems, while for their prevention and management the teachers resort to actions that refer to both the ecosystemic and psychodynamic approach and the socio-knowledge and psychodynamic/humanitarian model, without however excluding the behavioral model.

Full text: pdfManagement of student behavior problems in the classroom –views of Secondary Education teachers. 714 ΚB