Volume 8 | Issue 2 | 2020


The present research presents the experiences of the trainee teachers of the Teacher Education Program of Athens University of Economics and Business who took part in the experiential workshop "Life Lessons" (Yosafat, 2010), in relation to the usefulness and the effectiveness of the seminar. Qualitative research was used through the semi-structured interview. The interviewees answered five key questions about their opinion on the individual stages and the seminar as a whole. The analysis of the results showed that the trainees, all together, considered that the seminarhad a positive effect on the acquisition of new knowledge, self-knowledge, on the improvement of their educational skills and on their future professional career.The experiential "Life Lessons" workshop expects to further contribute to primary and secondary education in the cultivation of life skills in schools, educating teachers to be more effective in their teaching and to contribute to the emotional maturation of their students.

Full text: pdf“Life lessons as an experiential workshop in teacher education: An empirical approach" 574 ΚB