Volume 8 | Issue 2 | 2020
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    Spyros Kioulanis 7

“Life lessons as an experiential workshop in teacher education: An empirical approach"

    Vasiliki Brinia, Pantelis Papadopoulos, Annita Loudarou, Alexandros Dazeas, Maria Nikolopoulou, Dionisia Papageorgiou, Matthew Josafat

Research in training needs of the Educational Work Coordinators in the field of Adult Education

    Konstantina Pothitou, Iosif Fragkoulis

Globalization and education: the role of religion in the school curriculum

    Marios Koukounaras Liagkis, Dimitra Kolasi
  Management of student behavior problems in the classroom –views of Secondary Education teachers.
    Kiriaki Voulgaraki, Sofia Papastefanaki, Evaggelos Anagnou

The degree of developmental appropriateness of teaching Physical Education in preschool education

    Ioannis Paraschopoulos 71-81

If patterns in greekfolk art were music, what would they sound like?

    Maria Patio

The importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace of education: The modern professional profile of the heads of kindergartens.

    Maria Vlachou

Cyber-Bullying, Internet and Teenagers. Study on minors living in public housing facilities of child protection in Greece.

    Georgios Filippidis

Learning strategies used by students of the Aristotle Univesrity of Thessaloniki attending pilot classes for learning German as a foreign language

    Georgios Agorastos 129-146

“Create a sustainable future in Greece by educating Greek Engineers in the design of bioclimatic buildings”

    Sofia Giannarou 147-161

The primary school teacher’s role as an advisor – mentor in the context of the internship: what do primary school teachers and university students think about?

    Ioanna Tsarpa, Alivizos (Loizos) Sofos  162-178

Environmental Management Plan of Rainwater Harvesting Systems for non-potable use in an Educational Institute. An innovative project for the reinforcement of the environmental consciousness of students and society.

    Anastasia S. Chrysomalidou, Panagiotis N. Vasiliou, Areti N. Kotsi, Anna C. Boukorou, Vasiliki C. Boukorou, Ioannis A. Spiliotis, Georgios P. Filippidis, Grigorios S. Chrysomalidis 179-191

Sketching the profile, comprehending the view point and identifyingthe stances of the educators who are teaching Greek as a L2 to Bilingual Preschoolers.The case of a Minority Pre- School in Istanbul.

    Maria Plousiou

The role of school leadership in the functioning of student councils

    Evdoxia Karadoulama, Marios Koutsoukos

Knowledge management as a success factor for the school organization

    Konstantia Gialama

GeoGebra Software: A didactic proposal for teaching “the relative position of two circles” for the lesson of Euclidean Geometry in the 1st grade of Senior High School

    Gerasimos-Christos Asonitis

K.P. Kavafis "Waiting for the Barbarians": a digital teaching scenario of Modern Greek Literature for high school students

    Efthimios Ath. Koufogiannis

Differentiated lessonplan in the teaching of Greek as second/foreign language based on the poem "I podilatissa (The bicycle rider)" by Odysseus Elytis.

    Maria Plousiou, Christina Tegou

“Playing” with music in the special school classroom. A music therapy approach tothe playful aspects of improvisation

    Christiana F. Adamopoulou

The motivation of the Secondary Education teachers in the Prefecture of Pella and the role of Leadership

    Sophia Vakali 301-321

Approaching… History and Local Historical Memory in Education

    Maria Maragkou

‘The holidays are here’: A teaching approach to English Language in Second Chance Schools

    Maria Kamperi

The participation of Secondary Education Teachers in Professional Development Programs during the period of the financial crisis in Greece.

    Paraskevi Kottara, George Bagakis 347-364

Views of parents of persons with disabilities (Mental insufficiency- Autism) regarding the accessibility to cultural sites

    Sotiria Garini, Euaggelos Kantartzis, Nina Xaratsidou 365-381

΄School garden in urban environment΄΄. Innovational ΄΄Educational tool΄΄ for the awareness of students and learners in matters of environmental protection. ΄΄The case of the city of Trikala΄΄.

    Dimitrios Zampras

Μentoring in education: teachers’experience

    Kapachtsi Venetia, Rousis Dimitrios
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