Volume 8 | Issue 1 | 2020


Τhe aim of this article was to investigate the views and perceptions of parents of students with special educational needs or disabilities on the inclusion of their children in the classroom of the primary school. In the framework of the investigation were carried out 8 interviews with parents of children attending primary schools, pre-primary, and secondary education in the prefecture of Aetoloacarnania. The results of the survey showed that parents positively evaluate the program of parallel support regardless of their weaknesses and problems. For all parents, the existence of the program is considered the springboard and the opportunity for equal inclusive education within the general order. Their motivation is to integrate their child into the formal class that comes from their perception that the participation and socialization of their child with children of formal development will strengthen their communication skills and socialization. Parents also make proposals and dream of a single Education for all children.

Full text: pdfPerceptions and suggestions of parents of children with disabilities or special educational needs for the institution of Parallel Support - Inclusion 671 ΚB