Volume 8 | Issue 1 | 2020


The aim of vocational education and training is to prepare students for a vocational activity, develop professional skills and connect to the labor market.Apprenticeship, no matter the form it takes (apprenticeships, internships) as a part of one vocational program plays serious role in connecting students with the labor market. Through apprenticeship, people with disabilities working in protective centers get acquainted to a work environment. Supported employment helps students with disabilities integrate and settle in, in a workplace, and rest of the members of the workplace to accept and support them as well. The present research studies the case of one Greek vocational Center (EKEK AμεΑ) for young people and adolescents with disabilities and the integration of apprenticeship into its curriculum. Through teachers' views, the researchers try to identify those factors that should be taken into consideration to establish a connection between training and the labor market.

Full text: pdfTeachers' views for vocational education and training and the integration of apprenticeship into the curriculum. The case of vocational Center (EKEK AμεΑ) 473 ΚB