Volume 8 | Issue 1 | 2020


In the multicultural reality of our country, the project-method is considered to be one of the most suitable intercultural practices, concerning the school accession of students who have different cultural, linguistic and socio-economic background. In the general frame of adjusting the educational system to the contemporary demands, projects became part of the curriculum of Senior High Schools in 2011. This survey tries to explore the views of teachers who are in charge of supervising and guiding projects in public Senior High Schools and Vocational Senior High Schools. The goal of this survey is to state if the pedagogical principles of the subject are fulfilled. This survey also tries to locate the differentiations in the teachers’ views, depending on their characteristics. The analysis of the results showed that the teachers, according to their statements, fulfill up to a point – but not ultimately – the pedagogical principles of the subject. At the same time, important differentiations were located to the points of view of the teachers, based on their characteristics, the most important being further teacher-training. The trained teachers tend to fulfill the pedagogical principles of the subject to a greater extent.

Full text: pdfThe pedagogical principles of projects in multicultural Senior High School classes 601 ΚB