Volume 8 | Issue 1 | 2020


It is important for educators to be constantly guided and supported in order to succeed in teaching. Professional Coach is the person who is assigned to guiding an educator so that the latter can develop their skills and abilities in any phase of teaching life. A Coach is an expert in educating; they do not work within school environment though. Apparently, they have gained specialized knowledge and education, so that they are able to advise the educators with whom they co-operate. The purpose of the present research is to examine the views of teachers of Primary Schools in the District of Evia concerning the importance and the role of a Coach as a constant guide and supporter of educators within schools. For the present research to be conducted a quantitative approach was adopted, so that as many educators as possible were asked for their opinion. The sample of the study is constituted of 132 participants who teach in some Primary Schools in the District of Evia. A structured questionnaire was generated for the purpose of the research. The findings of the research indicated that providing they are scientifically and professionally experts, a professional Coach can contribute to educators’ guiding, professional developing and, therefore their progress in teaching practices they implement.

Full text: pdfThe essential role of Professional Coach to constantly guide and support educators: What Educators of Primary Schools in the District of Evia believe 690 ΚB