Volume 8 | Issue 1 | 2020


This article attempts to conceptually clarify the issue of leadership andapproach theoretically not only the role of the leader and the relationship between leadership and administration but also the characteristics of leadership in education with emphasis on effective leadership in educational institutions. It has been found that leadership is a process of influence built on values and perceptions which lead to a clear vision, thanks to which the administration introduces the necessary changes. Leadership is a subdivision of the administration but at the same time it binds a wider field than the administration and also declares something superior and more inclusive than it. Administration concerns resources (including human resources), while leadership is directed at people. We manage and control resources, but we can only lead people. Successful schools are linked to the existence of strong leadership. Leaders of these schools choose practices in terms of vision-building, setting objectives, management of the learning program, deep understanding and development of people.

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