Volume 8 | Issue 1 | 2020


The present paper explores the impact of process writing and peer feedback (PF) by means of project-based learning (PBL) on Greek EFL students’ writing performance. In addition, it aims to shed light on students’ attitudes towards peer feedback and writing in the context of PBL prior to and after the implementation of two project based process writing lessons focusing on peer feedback. Specifically, a class of six 12-year old students of a private language school took part in the study, which used a mixed-methods research design, in an attempt to investigate the potential of PBL as an educational framework that can foster student engagement in EFL writing. Due to the learners' unfamiliarity with process writing and peer feedback, the teacher provided them with adequate practice in order to acquaint them with these approaches. The findings indicate that students’ writing performance can improve through process writing in a PBL context. Moreover, it was disclosed that students were hesitant towards the technique of peer feedback showing a preference for teacher feedback, demonstrating a positive attitude towards process writing and project-based learning, though.

Full text: pdfDeveloping writing skills and promoting peer-feedback through project-based learning in a young learners’ EFL classroom 652 ΚB