Volume 8 | Issue 1 | 2020


The aim of this paper is to propose an indicative scenario for teaching English as a second language based on telecollaboration. The last is an alternative approach to teaching foreign languages and, besides target language skills, it is intended to promote electronic literacy, as well as intercultural awareness and communicative competence through authentic interaction mediated by technology. The scenario in question has been structured according to the detailed framework proposed by Kurek and Hauck (Kurek & Hauck, 2014) for training learners on using digital environments and modes while collaborating. It displays step by step how two cohorts of students guided by their instructors can collaborate online from distance in order to perform a joint task. Specifically, in our case two Greek State Music Schools are expected to telecollaborate deploying the English language with the aim to agree on the content, rehearse and finally coexist on stage in mixed student groups of both schools in order to present a joint art product consisting of poetry (in English) and music.

Full text: pdf"English notes filled with notes; a scenario for teaching English based on telecollaboration” 237 ΚB