Volume 8 | Issue 1 | 2020


In a dynamic and multidimensional school context teacher’s opinion about his/her job seems to be of high concern due to beneficial results related to the final produced work. In this study we examine Greek teachers’ attitude towards Herzberg’s “Motivation-Hygiene Theory” which justifies their job dissatisfaction-satisfaction. We specify the degree Greek teachers are satisfied/dissatisfied by their service administration and indicate which factors in Herzberg’s Theory are thought more fulfilled than others or which need more attention so that teachers are improved personally and professionally. Participants demonstrate a moderate to a negative attitude regarding their service potential to deploy teachers as human resource while almost half of them believe that school displays motivation elements but it is not able to use these elements for the benefit of school-work produced and teachers themselves. Administration exhibits a partial fulfillment or relative inefficiency to satisfy Herzberg’s factors deteriorating dissatisfaction and enhancing job satisfaction.

Full text: pdfMotivation - Hygiene Theory: Greek teacher’s attitude towards maintenance factors and motivators in school environment 143 ΚB