Volume 8 | Issue 1 | 2020


The specific article presents the realization that curricula, as the practical expression of education (Richards,2001), get affected by various determinants (Ayakli, Karavas, Manolopoulou-Serg & Spinthourakis, 2004). More specifically, it seems that not only the me-thodological developments in Language Teaching (LT) but also the social, economic and po-litical circumstances can deeply affect the way foreign languages are taught in the state school classrooms. The comparative analysis of the 1977 Analytic Program (AP) and the 2010 Common Framework for Foreign Languages (CFFL) in Greece attempts to highlight the ideo-logical, methodological and social changes that occurred within the thirty-three years that separate these curricula, proving that education and evolution are interrelated term.

Full text: pdfThe Evolution in Greek English Language Teaching Curriculum Philosophy: The Comparison of the 1977Official Curriculum and the 2010 Common Framework for Foreign Languages 293 ΚB