Volume 8 | Issue 1 | 2020
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    Spyros Kioulanis 6

The Evolution in Greek English Language Teaching Curriculum Philosophy: The Comparison of the 1977Official Curriculum and the 2010 Common Framework for Foreign Languages

    Vagia Anastasia Vraka

Motivation - Hygiene Theory: Greek teacher’s attitude towards maintenance factors and motivators in school environment

    Grigoris Skiadas

Postmodern interferences in adult education: towards a debate with the domineering learning foundations.

    Konstantinos D. Mantzanaris
  "English notes filled with notes; a scenario for teaching English based on telecollaboration”
    Maria Mishou

Developing writing skills and promoting peer-feedback through project-based learning in a young learners’ EFL classroom

    Evdokia Skarkala Rouka, Alexandra Anastasiadou 56-77

Design and development of quality indicators to assess the contribution of educational groups to the improvement of the educational project

    Iosif Fragoulis, Sofia Mitroulia

The influence of instructional leadership on school climate and culture an initial approach

    Chrysa Tamisoglou

School Crisis management

    Kyriaki Mamakou

Aspects of Music Therapy concerning Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Despoina Kouretsi 123-142

The importance and the role of Mentor in the reception and absorption of newly appointed teachers: Examining the opinions of educators working in the Primary Education of the Prefecture of Evia

    Michail Trikas, Katerina Kasimatis 143-162

Applying the Theory of Total Artwork to the Interpretive Approach to Literature in an Adult Reading Club.

    Paraskevi Georganta, Athanasia Dakopoulou  163-177

Examining the opinions of primary school teachers in regional unit Serres about the role of headmaster in introducing and applying innovative ideas.

    Antonia Zafeiropoulou 178-192

Leadership in Education - Theoretical approach

    Maria Tektonopoulou

Belbin Team Roles inside a High School Teachers’ Board

    Stelios Lazaridis, Anastasia Agathagellou, Anagnostis Housanlis

The Role of special education paraprofessionals in the Inclusion of Special Secondary Education Units students’

    Christos Papademetriou, Constantia Charalampous

The essential role of Professional Coach to constantly guide and support educators: What Educators of Primary Schools in the District of Evia believe

    Michail Trikas

Evaluation of the distance learning programme "Learning and Teaching Python, Inside and Outside School" regarding the implementation of the basic principles of designing, managing and evaluating adult education programmes.

    Christos Georgiou

Approach to scientific literacy by teachers

    George Karaoglou

The pedagogical principles of projects in multicultural Senior High School classes

    Eleni Kiosse

Gender, parental education level and adolescents' attitudes towards lifelong learning

    Dimitris Kiritsis 331-346

Teachers' views for vocational education and training and the integration of apprenticeship into the curriculum. The case of vocational Center (EKEK AμεΑ)

    Vassiliki Frasarioti, Petros Kliapis 347-360

Perceptions and suggestions of parents of children with disabilities or special educational needs for the institution of Parallel Support - Inclusion

    Vaia Deligianni, Sofia Eleftheriadou 361-376

The Professional Burnout of Primary Education Teachers in the Prefecture of Kavala and the headmaster's attitude towards its mitigation

    Apostolia Kosta, Adamos Anastasiou, Georgios Vozaitis
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