Volume 7 | Issue 3 | 2019


The proposed didactic intervention aims at integrating new technologies into the teaching process with the ultimate goal of encouraging active participation and effortless achievement of the goals of the history course through experiential and exploratory techniques. In particular, it focuses on the creation of a project where the students of the 1st Grade of High school, while examining the Bronze Age chapter, investigate multiple sources, with the discreet guidance of their tutor, and enrich the lesson’ s quality by incorporating Augmented Reality (A.R) in their searching while they are working collaboratively. In this way, they have the chance of better understanding different aspects of the historical period they examine, and are able of highlighting important issues in depth, while, and at the same time, they’re acquiring multiple skills. The combination of the history learning and A.R. software, offers multiple learning motives and transforms the history learning in a procedure which makes the critical thinking possible.

Full text: pdfThe use of Augmented Reality in teaching History at High school: The Bronze age. 406 ΚB