Volume 7 | Issue 3 | 2019


This paper is a case study and deals with the issue of student aggression, a phenomenon that is manifested in many ways in schools of our country the recent years. First of all, we will make an attempt to explain the meaning of school aggression and describe the ways in which student aggression is manifested in school units. Then, we will describe the basic features of a particular school unit as well as the increasing events of school bullying that are manifested in this particular school unit because, as mentioned before, this paper is a case study. Then, we will present a plan, tackling with the problem, following the basic stages of the operational programming process, by performing a swot analysis of the environment of this particular school. In addition, we will refer to individuals, institutions and operators, who will be called upon to make decisions, trying at the same time to justify our choice. Finally, we will present the results of the implementation of the project as well as the limits and limitations of this proposal. This study could be an optimistic message that school can really face the phenomenon of school bullying effectively by implementing projects with positive results that can endure against the time.

Full text: pdfProposal of tackling with the phenomenon of school bullying in the educational unit: Case study. 448 ΚB