Volume 7 | Issue 3 | 2019


The teaching scenario is addressed to philologists and to those who teach the lesson of Modern History in the Secondary School. Its main purpose is to make students aware of the events and dimensions of World War II. In particular the scenario sets out seven cognitive and pedagogical goals and six technological - digital ones that were generally achieved,it was as shown, by the student’s participation and with completing a self-assessment questionnaire at the end of the process. In terms of methodology and didactic approach, teamwork, exploratory/discovery and constructive methods were followed, as well the Six thinking hats method.The teaching scenario was implemented in the computer lab ofKarditsa’sMusic School with the participation of a team with twentytwostudent’s of the junior school. It is also an alternative story teaching proposition based on combination ofstuding with self-action and personal creativity. Thus the contribution of this teaching proposal is that the history lesson ceases to be a sterile role memory of facts, dates, and names, which not only does not promote the students' historical knowledge but also creates aversion to the lesson.

Full text: pdfWorld War II: the most destructive of all. A teaching scenario of Modern History using ICT 486 ΚB