Volume 7 | Issue 3 | 2019


In an era of novelty, technology and information evolution and constant change, school faces the urge to transform into a Learning Organisation one which will have vision, set goals and will be able to successfully and constantly adjust to any demand plus it will be effective at the same time.
The present research had as its main goal to investigate, using the teachers’ perspectives, whether schools nowadays share indeed characteristics of a Learning Organisation according to Senge’s Five Disciplines. 227 Primary School teachers all over the Prefecture of Ileia participated in a quantitative research answering numerous questionnaires used for this purpose. The data collected was analysed with the use of SPSS v25 software. According to the results of the research, school units in Ileia have adopted feautures of the Learning Organisation model to a satisfactory standard. Teachers, appear to realize the necessity of the school transforming itself into a Learning Organisation in order to achieve constant evolution to satisfy new educational and social needs.

Full text: pdfIleia Primary School teachers’ perspective on school’s function as P.M. Senge’s Learning Organisation 804 ΚB