Volume 7 | Issue 3 | 2019


This study addresses the phenomenon of student dropout from the Public Vocational Institute of Patras by taking into consideration the perspective of 14 students who have dropped out, and gives an overview of the reasons behind the interruption of their studies. The survey is based on personal semi-structured interviews. There are also additional interviews with 2 educators and 2 executives from Patras’ institute. The data is organized systematically via the thematic analysis method, while the results are audited by triangulation. The empirical findings show that some people enroll in the programs without any intention of completing them. Trainees who have a job leak because they are unable to combine studies with work. However, there is also a number of people quitting vocational training because they are disappointed with the teaching methods applied by educators, and because they cannot be integrated into a group of learners mostly interested in simply acquiring a certificate rather than actual knowledge.

Full text: pdfReasons dropout of adult education programs. A case study 545 ΚB