Volume 7 | Issue 3 | 2019


The scope of this article is primarily to define the concept of “adulthood” and determine its range, not solely based on the age criterion, but also via the structural parameters identified in the theories of Malcolm Knowles (theory of Andragogy), Jack Mezirow (Transformative Learning theory) and Paulo Freire (Radical Humanism theory); maturity, responsibility, experience, self-management, self-definition (self-perception), autonomy and the sense of social responsibility. Additionally, it is examined whether there is evidence in the work of the aforementioned scholars demonstrating that “adulthood” emerges naturally or rather it is attained through the learning process.

Full text: pdf“Adulthood”, as Malcom Knowles, Jack Mezirow και Paulo Freire determine its range. Points of convergence & differentiation 436 ΚB