Volume 7 | Issue 3 | 2019


Job satisfaction of employees has been recognized as a quality performance index. Drawing on this postulate, teachers’ job satisfaction has been researched extensively. In the current study, an international scale for job satisfaction has been used, translated and validated in the Greek context. The purpose of the study is to investigate the job satisfaction level of Greek teachers in the current socio-economic context by means of extensive sampling, so as to determine the extent to which teachers’ job satisfaction is affected by certain demographic factors and the extent to which job satisfaction is further associated with variables such as earnings and acknowledgement of teachers’ work by parents and society.
The results of the study address educators, executives in education and parents. Concerning the educators, an overview of their field is provided. As to the executives in education, fields are indicated where, should the appropriate interventions be planned, teachers’ job satisfaction levels can improve, thus resulting in improved quality education and efficiency.

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