Volume 7 | Issue 2 | 2019


Our thesis is about innovative methods of teaching classical languages (Ancient Greek and Latin) as well as the knowledge of ancient times. The gradual decrease that is happening in the last few decades regarding Humanistic Studies in both secondary and higher education all over Europe has been the motive to promote them through a cooperative programme. The ideas and observations in this thesis are connected with the developement of activities and educational material created within the Erasmus +KA2 European programme. In this programme, which started in 2015andcompleted in 2017, took part three highshools from european countries that have a long tradition in Humanistic studies : Spain(IES URBI, Bilbao), Italy (Liceo Plinio Seniore, Castellammarre di Stabia) and Greece (Προτυπο ΓΕΛ Βαρβακειου, Αθηνα).

Full text: pdf"Finding our roots": an erasmus+KA2 programme about classical languages (Greek and Latin), pillars of european civilization  457 ΚB