Volume 7 | Issue 2 | 2019


The interview is probably the most popular way of staff selection, especially in the private sector, since it is one of the ways to select the middle and senior executives of an organization. It is basically a flexible, valid and reliable tool that may reveal the candidate’s skills and technical abilities, as well as his/her deeper personality. In the Greek educational system for selection of education managers, the interview has been for decades the tool for revealing the candidate’s personality and constitution accompanied by significant scores in his/her final ranking. While it had been abolished in the last directors’ assessment that took place in 2015, it reappeared in the assessment process in 2017. The present study focuses on the staff selection interview through a thorough investigation and review of the Greek and foreign bibliography, in order to achieve its complete conceptual delimitation and to highlight its importance and its problems.

Full text: pdfStaff selection interview and its implementation for selecting school directors.  408 ΚB