Volume 7 | Issue 2 | 2019


The purpose of this article is to present the concept and the process of developing strategic planning at school level. In the first chapter of the article,the main theoretical aspects of strategic planning are presented and strategic analysis, strategy selection and strategic implementation processes are examined with emphasisto the possibilities for their use in the educational context.The hypothetical example of a Greek public pre-primary school is then used to present ways of practical application of theoretical data to meet the needs and improve the efficiency of the school organization in the present and future, taking into account its culture, aims, priorities and strategic capacity, as well as the effects of the environment at micro and macro level.The present article is important in that it links theory to practice, by presenting proposals for implementing the concepts of strategic planning, which could be exploited by schools, tailored to their particular needs and the environment in which they operate.

Full text: pdfStrategic planning at school level. Theory and practice in the context of pre-primary education  437 ΚB